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We live in a sea of energy. A drop in the ocean can change the vibration of the whole.
As we change ourselves, we change the world.


Everything you need is inside of you. You are a magickal being of Earth, Soul and Spirit.
Travel into the mystery that is your Soul... for life-changing transformation.

Master Key of your Soul

Soul Growth
Master Keys for Life©

A journey of self-discovery. Several different options to discover your unique gifts. Shine as the magical Soul you truly are. Unlock the keys your Soul needs for it's growth and fulfilment in this lifetime. Perfect when you know you want MORE in your life... your Soul Master Keys are waiting to guide you.

Your Unique Soul Song: $175 USD

5 session: $775 USD  8 session: $1240 USD

Soul Master Keys

Healing the Spirit© 
Reconnect with Your Divinity

A truly life-changing program that focusses on reconnecting you to your own divinity, your spiritual power and
to the healing powers of the universe.
It is a deep dive into the original vibrational essence of the cosmos.
A quantum journey to rebuild your
5 elemental states of being.

5 session program - $775 USD

Shamanic Soul Guardian

Your Soul Guardians
Your Allies - Your Friends

With Black Goddess Shamanism® I guide you to meet and reconnect with your Spiritual Guardians. I hold the space while you invoke their wisdom, love and teachings. You are the storyteller of your Soul's encounter. You bring back into your daily life a renewed sense of your multi-dimensional nature.

Meet One Ally - $175 USD

3 session program - $495 USD

kowhai flower essence

First Light Flower Essences
of New Zealand®

 First Light Flower Essences of New Zealand® work at all levels of your holistic being to restore harmony between your inner and outer nature.
Your Spirit can communicate with your Soul who can be understood by your personality. You have a specific blend unique to YOUR soul’s healing song.
This special blend will support your soul to integrate any healing sessions
and spiritual gifts you have retrieved.
It will be courier posted to you
anywhere in the world.

Consult: $60 USD + $30 blend

Shamanic Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval
Heal Soul Wounds

Do you find you are constantly searching for something outside of yourself?
This searching is prompted by a feeling that something is missing, something is wrong, something is ‘off track' or 'off course.’ You may have noticed recurring patterns in your life, even though the people or situations are changing. This is an indication of soul loss as our ‘default setting’ keeps running the same
trauma-based program.

single session - $225 USD

9 session program - $2025 USD

Reiki Soul Spirit

Reiki Distance Healing
Reconnect with Your Divinity

Working with a photo, I access your multi-dimensional self via the pathway of Reiki and bring forward the words which hold the resonance of your healing. Reiki bypasses the symptom and goes to the cause of the problem. It works with that innate knowing part of you to bring forward the ‘antidote’ to your issue. The issue may be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. The reading is emailed and the handwritten original posted to you.

Reiki 2 Reading - $95 USD


Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for any medical, psychological or psychiatric care, advice, or treatment. If you have a medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition, you should consult a medical, psychological or psychiatric professional in the first instance. The information provided on our website is a suggestion only and should not be used to replace the diagnosis, prevention, or cure of any disease or any other medical, psychological or psychiatric illness or condition; or used to replace any care, advice, or treatment provided by any medical, psychological or psychiatric professional.

Soul Song Illumination
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