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I offer one-on-one Soul Healing sessions to assist you

to make lasting change at all levels of your holistic being.

My Background

I love this work!

     Meeting Soul to Soul and Spirit to Spirit to bring profound transformation into your life. My own journey this lifetime has given me the gnosis that the only way to bring about true change is by working at the level of the Soul. The magick part of us that knows all things are possible.

     I am dedicated to honour and serve your Soul on it’s return to it’s natural wholeness. We will work co-creatively together to journey into your own Soul mystery where you will find your own answers. Everything you need is already within you.

     We are living in times of great change.
As Light-bringers; Light-bearers - we work together all over the planet to return to Heaven on Earth. Our natural state of being.

Linda Ojala - Shamanic Practitioner and Hypnotherapist

"Thank you Linda for taking me safely and carefully through the five session Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnotherapy® Healing the Spirit© program.  I felt safe to let go deeply and fully engage in the profound healing that can be accessed in this program. I experienced wonderful insights, breakthroughs and healing.

     Now that some time has passed, I can feel the effects of the healing at work. I am less defensive, I am more attuned with my own source, and have stepped into the contained space I was seeking to inhabit. 

     I wholeheartedly recommend your services to others!"

Lynda E. Holistic Practitioner (2024)

My Credentials

Sacred land of Haida Gwaii - supernatural beings abound

My Approach to Healing

Painting 'Fierce Love®' by Autumn Skye

     Many of us have become disconnected from the Divine part of us which naturally is able to dance through life freely and easily no matter the outer circumstances. Often this disconnection manifests as a recurring problem or a feeling of lack. Something which, no matter what healing work we do on ourselves, continues to present in our life.

     The Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® process goes to the root cause of the problem and guides the soul to understand, take responsibility and heal this root cause. It is an ancient Shamanic healing practise.

     It is my healing method of choice for this work. Acting as a guide to your Soul, I ensure that you are held safe as you engage in the great work of remembering your wholeness.

Soul Healing - Heart Radiates
Soul Coach and Shamanic Healing
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