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Your Soul

Your True Individuality

The soul is that inner part of us that we can easily become disconnected or disengaged from and in so doing, losing touch or moving out of relationship with this vital aspect of ourselves.

It is the part of us that holds all the knowledge of all of our experiences in this life and previous lives. It is also that part of us that can easily get stuck, blocked, lost, disconnected and fragmented. The soul can lose or give away its power, or vital pieces of itself as a result of life experiences that range from ordinary everyday occurrences, to traumatic, or more challenging life events.

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Painting 'Fierce Love®' by Autumn Skye

“What most people do not know is that our soul is instrumental in creating our true reality and experiencing true healing. Our true reality is defined by the state of our soul. We can use positive suggestions or affirmations but if the soul is not present or not part of the process, nothing will change at a deep and lasting level.”
Franchelle Ofsoské-Wyber 

Soul Fragmentation

When soul loss or fragmentation occurs, we may be constantly searching for something outside of ourselves. This searching is prompted by a feeling that something is missing, something is wrong, something is ‘off track' or 'off course.’


It can be a feeling of being trapped, blocked, stuck or lost at a deep inner level. Sensing, feeling, intuiting or knowing at some core part of ourselves, at some deep level that something is missing we unconsciously try to fill the gap or the void with external people, possessions, food, etc.

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How Does Hypnotique Protocol® Work?

As a Hypnotique Protocol Esoteric Hypnosis® trained hypnotherapist I will take you through a particular process in which you enter what is called the Healing State of Consciousness©.

     This is the space where you can suspend your current reality. When you experience that, you begin to be open to new possibilities, new realities, new worlds and new ways of being.

     In this process the soul enters into the dreamtime. Into the powerful, intelligent and co-creative world of soul. In this realm, a space for soul is created where soul is free to communicate, free to heal and free to dream and re-story. It is a sacred space where old limiting story lines are identified and cleared and desired new storylines are established.

     This is a very powerful process because this is where true deep healing can occur and you can create transformation in your life by re-writing your soul’s story.

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